About Thorne Primary

As a proud member of Westwood Community Schools, Thorne Primary is nestled on the southern-most portion of the district. Boasting a diverse student population with an average of four classes on each grade level, Thorne delivers a program that promotes academic success, high expectations for all, rigor, cooperation, wellness and safety, as well as a college-going culture. In addition to physical education, art, music, technology lab and elementary engineering, our students have the opportunity to participate in programs that enrich the general curriculum including Starfish Lights On Afterschool Family Fun Night, Math and Literacy Night, Game Night, Spelling Bee, Bingo For Books, Thorne Walks-4-Books, Pennies for Patients, University Day, U of M Reading Tutorials, Compass Learning, iPad Initiatives, Visiting and Off-Campus Field Trips, Safety Patrol, Student Council, Public Speaking Squad, Mobile Dentistry, as well as School-wide Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS).

Thorne parents are dedicated and committed to the success of their children. As partners in the academic process, they play a crucial role in the overall vitality of our school. Through an array of workshops held in conjunction with community-based agencies, parents are provided with opportunities to further their own livelihood all the while enriching the lives of their children.

We have a strong sense of community at Thorne Elementary. We are pleased with the partnerships we have formed with various organizations in order to provide our students and their families with much needed intensive services in order to meet their basic needs. Starfish Family Services, the University of Michigan, Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan, as well as Wayne County Foster Grandparents have been main-stays, and play a key role in our overall success as we strive to offer our students the best opportunity to receive a quality education.

The elementary years are a critical component in education. At Thorne Primary, our goal is to provide a solid foundation on which our children will construct understanding for a lifetime.